Support Services

Our senior residents choose support services as needed from within our facility or through their own providers. We place a priority on their safety while respecting their sense of independence and dignity.


As a senior requires more assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), the Assisted Living option is available. It brings services into a resident's apartment so that he or she doesn't have to move to another location.

Our Basic Service Plan includes:


Services include vacuuming, light dusting, removal of garbage and cleaning and disinfecting of the bathroom and kitchen.

Linen/Laundry Service

Linens are removed from the resident's bed and bathroom each week, laundered and replaced by staff. Personal laundry service is also available and the charge is per load.

Medication Administration

Medications are administered by staff daily. Medications are kept locked in a cabinet in the resident's apartment in order to ensure security and privacy.

Meal Plan

Residents can choose to enjoy up to two meals, lunch and dinner, each day in the dining room. Staff will bring a continental breakfast to a resident's apartment.

Personal Assistance Service

Residents can receive personal service above and beyond the other items mentioned in the plan. This may include assistance with ambulation within the building, assistance with performing ADL including dressing, bathing or grooming.

Health Wellness monitored by a Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is on staff to assist in managing and monitoring the health of each resident. The nurse's involvement can include conversations with the resident's physician to clarify orders, assisting with acquiring the services of an outside healthcare provider, or monitoring the health of an individual in order to provide proactive, preventative healthcare services. The nurse is also available for blood pressure monitoring, weight monitoring and limited consultation for health issues.

24 Hour Staff

Staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist residents with their unscheduled needs. This provides an added sense of security and safety for residents that they cannot get in their own homes.

Emergency Call System

Residents receive an emergency call pendant when they move in. In case of medical or house emergency, the resident is able to summon staff for assistance or to contact the appropriate emergency response agency.

Diabetic Management

Diabetic residents receive blood glucose monitoring, insulin injection administration and other services related to diabetes.

Injection Administration

B12 and Lovonox injections are an example of this service. This does not include insulin injections.

Meal Tray Delivery

Residents who have a short-term illness can receive meal tray delivery in their apartment for a short period of time.

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